Monday, August 27, 2012

Off Topic

No dogs or fish today, not even flowers, family, housework or yard work.  Time out for a political observation, on something that should not even be part of the political scene.  Although I feel strongly about many issues, the one concerning marriage issues bothers me more than almost anything else.

I can not understand WHY the conservatives are so determined to pass laws making it illegal for two consenting adults to marry.  Although I personally would not be interested in being married again (been there, done that), I firmly believe that everyone should have that right, whatever their sexual orientation.  What is so "sacred" about marriage, and why should it be denied to some?  If marriage is defined as a union between one man and one woman, should we prosecute everyone who strays outside those boundaries?  Half the marriages end in divorces, and many married people stray.  So what exactly makes the traditional marriage sacred?  And why should any government be involved?  This is a personal issues, not one to be decided by any governmental body.

Please VOTE NO!

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Anonymous said...

Two wonderful women I know were married yesterday. Our state does not offer legal same sex marriages but they were married just without that piece of paper! I cannot believe that people think they have the right to tell orhers who they can/can't marry!