Thursday, October 4, 2012

Part Of The Family

Holly has joined the family.  When she arrived, already in season, she moved into the basement with only the fish for company.  She was bred to Argus, and walked 4 times a day, and once she was comfortable with us I left her loose there with lots of toys and bones, a radio and frequent visits.

Once she was out of season it was time to introduce her to the other dogs and fit her in to the pack.  My dogs are all good with other dogs, partly because of genetics and partly because of how they were raised.  I knew they would accept Holly, just as they accepted Nikon almost 4 years ago.  And Lucy & Penny in recent years.  Holly is from a multi-dog household and also has a dog-safe pedigree.  Being good with other dogs is a trait I value and insist on in my dogs.

I took a few precautions though, just to be sure everything went smoothly.

More tomorrow.  Typing with one hands is very slow!

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