Monday, October 29, 2012

Wearing My Other Hat

Wore my other hat this past weekend.  My Fishkeeper's Hat.  Spent Saturday at the Minnesota Aquarium Society's fall auction and picked up some excellent fish.  Fish that will spawn for me, I hope.  They are all settled in their new tanks and I actually spent quite a bit of time watching my fish yesterday.  I'm sometimes so busy tending them that I forget to enjoy them.

The trophy at the right is the Advanced Breeder Award which I got at the October fish club meeting.  It represents 40+ different species spawned, raised, and shared with other fishkeepers.  Not sure I will try for the next level, but there is great satisfaction in learning what is required to breed the more difficult species.  Current projects are Knight Gobies, Purple Spotted Gudgeons, Badis Badis, and Bolivian Rams.

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