Friday, January 25, 2013

Vacation - Much Needed

I have the weekend off!  The pups will be spending it with my daughter Jess, one of their other breeder/owners.  I'll miss them, but really need some time off!  The weather sounds good for Dog Park visits, and water changes are needed in about 25 aquariums - poor fish have been a bit neglected of late.

Crate training and house training started last night, with the pups eating their dinners in separate crates, staying in the crates for an hour and then being rushed out to the dog yard to do their business.  Success!  They shared the pen last night but I dashed down this morning before they were awake and rushed them outside.  Again, success.  They will eat their breakfasts in their little crates and then go out again before I head to work.  Jess will continue the crating and outdoor visits this weekend, so they should understand the concept by the end of the weekend, and will know what "Hurry, hurry" means.  Of course they will require lots of supervision, and quick trips outdoors, but the deed with get done.  Once pups understand WHY they are going outdoors, the rest falls into place.  Eventually!

How many pups have I housetrained over the years?  Hundreds, I'm sure.

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