Monday, November 18, 2013

Oh, So Lazy!

Such lazy puppies!  This is just about the most laidback group I've ever seen.  Only Jack is always up and about, although the others are slowly catching up with him.  The two girls Summit and Schell(y) are becoming more active, but Fulton and Surly are still slugs.  Fulton and Surly are also the chubbiest pups, so there is probably a relationship there.  What a life - eat, sleep, play for 5 minutes, sleep, eat, sleep, play for 5 minutes, sleep . . .

The pups are amazingly cute now during their 5 minutes of activity!  They walk quite well, love to explore, wrestle a bit, and are very good at falling asleep on your lap.  Eyes were open on everyone yesterday, although Fulton's were only open about half way.  Haven't noticed any blue eyes, but I'll check more thoroughly tonight.  Nose trim is complete on all pups now - Fulton's hadn't moved much for a week or so, then suddenly the brown pigment spread across the remaining pink on his nose in just a few days.

Company this weekend to see the pups, but the big dogs all thought it was for them and had a great time mugging the guests.  Max will be a year old tomorrow, and this is a good time for him to meet lots of new people.  Like his father Argus, he's bad about jumping on people - we had this sort of under control while we were attending obedience classes, but everyone he meets encourages him to jump up so it's a lost cause for now.  Heather will visit with the girls tonight, so Fern will go nuts and turn into a whirling dervish when she sees her friends again!

All 5 pups still look gorgeous, but once they are up and about we'll start evaluating the things that will separate show potential from companion dogs.

Be patient, please!

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