Sunday, December 8, 2013

Another Doggy Weekend

Another doggy weekend, mixed in with lots of housework.  Have spent the last couple of weekends playing catch up with organizing cupboards and fighting the dust, taking down knick knacks, cleaning them and redoing the shelves.  Also the shelves with the Armetale.  Anyone who hates dusting as much as I do should NOT have things sitting out to collect dust - but I do, and occasionally the layers of dust bother even me!

Our friend Sue came over to play with pups yesterday and I got some cute shots of them.  Just love the boys, but the girls are both very pretty too.  When Stephanie decides whether or not she is taking Schelly, we'll decide on where they will both end up.  Because Stepanie is moving to Texas, the decision is a major one for her.  Fulton's future has been decided, but things are still up in the air with the others.

Today my daughter Jess comes over with her co-owned pup Tanner.  Max will be delighted to have someone to play with!  Heather and the girls will also be here to play with pups, and later on old friends Skip and Gia arrive with kids in tow for puppy socialization.  Housework is done, today we play!
Schelly is looking very nice too

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