Saturday, September 19, 2009

Argus Pups Coming To Minnesota

I was pleased to hear that several of the Argus/Read pups will be coming to pet homes in this area. Hopefully I will get a chance to see them and meet their new owners. Sure am tempted to make Suzi an offer for Light Blue or Green. It always amazes me that so many people insist they will only consider a female pup when male Dal pups are so delightful and adult males are so charming and funny. Give me a Dal Boy ANY DAY! More fun to show, and more fun to live with. Of all the girls I have owned, only Marla & Josie have been as much fun as the boys have been. If I could only have one Dal, it would most certainly be a male.

It's nice having a good Italian restaurant only a block or two away, two of them actually as there are sister restaurants half a block apart - "Luci" and "Luci Ancora". Particularly handy when roads are bad, and also nice to know that if I have an extra glass of wine I don't have to worry about driving home. Honest to gosh, they do have the best bruchetta and Ron swears by the Caesar salad (don't care for it myself). The homemade fettuccine was excellent last night - I'd sure order that again. Crowds seem to be down in restaurants, but the ones that offer good food, good service and good value will hopefully survive!

Because I will be in town this weekend, we'll be able to pick up my mother and take her to dinner. Mexican? Italian (I could eat pasta every day)? Steak or burgers? I also had Ron pick up some Marsala as I have always wanted to make Chicken Marsala. You can tell it's fall (at least on the calendar) as I am getting the urge to try recipes again. AND I need to have a few more BLTs, as I have the expensive cook-in-the-bag bacon, and a bowl full of perfectly ripe (today) Big Boy tomatoes.

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