Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Blog For Argus Kids & A Celebration Of Dogs!

I created a new blog, this one just for posting pictures of new Argus pups when the owner does not have a website. I created it because the person who does Suzi's website was not getting the puppy pictures up - and they showed up right after I posted mine. Surprise! You can see the pups at Suuurrrreee are cute!

No Argus pups due for awhile now, but a number of visiting ladies planned for later this year.

I received this in the mail because I recently sent Penny's registration application in. My daughter Jess is orgainzing the Dalmatian portion of the AKC Canine Experience, so if you are free on Saturday, stop by to say Hi to Jess & "Watson", Stephanie & "Tate", and Colleen & "Pinky". Bring your whole family and your dog too, and enjoy a Doggy Day!

  • Dear AKC®-Registered Dog Owner,
    As the owner of a newly registered dog, the American Kennel Club® invites you and your dog to participate in an AKC Canine Experience educational event on September 19, 2009 at the Washington County Fairgrounds, 12300 North 40th Street, Lake Elmo, MN, 55042.
    Join fellow dog owners and longtime dog experts to learn the basics about AKC dog events. Then, have the opportunity to practice showing your dog at an AKC-Sanctioned Match in a relaxed environment.
    Members of AKC-affiliated clubs from the surrounding area will be available to meet with you and discuss a variety of dog show topics. Additionally, the AKC Clubs in this area will be offering free educational programs to teach dog show basics. This will be followed by a sanctioned match where you can show your dog. Exhibitors may run their dogs through an Obedience or Rally course as well. The AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) program will be explained and evaluations will be offered. A dog supply vendor will be onsite with an assortment of products available for purchase.
    What to bring:Bring your whole family and dog at least three months of age with current vaccinations, AKC registration or PAL/ILP number, dog lead, water and bowl, and crate (recommended if you have one).
    Planned educational activities include a continuous flow of:
    Meet the Breeds
    Handling classes for both adults and children (Junior Showmanship)
    Grooming tips and demonstrations
    Dog Show procedures
    Dog Show entry assistance
    Equipment advice for show and grooming
    AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) evaluations
    Therapy Dog International
    Obedience and Rally run-throughs
    Agility Demonstrations
    Licensed dog show superintendent information concerning dog shows in your area will be available
    The educational programs begin at 9:00 AM and through noon. The all-breed conformation match show entries will be taken from 9:00 to 11:00 AM with a start time of noon.
    For additional information click here or contact Pat Cunningham - (218) 828-1690 or

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