Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Such pretty babies!  This is the 3+-week old Argus/Sugar litter enjoying real food.  It looks as though they will wear as much as they ingest, but no doubt Sugar will be more than happy to clean up afterwards.  Such a cute age!  Sorry I am missing these pups, but I hope to fly down and see them in a couple of weeks.  There are several nice girls in the batch for me to pick from if I decide to take a pup.  Of course I'd rather have another Dal boy, but when I do it has to be liver.

Paula said last week that Watson's daughter Tess was acting pregnant, so there may be more pups on the way.  This is a breeding I really wanted to do, and I purchased Argus with the idea that he might work well bred to Watson descendants.  New Champion "Echo" is from just such a breeding (see below).

And to make things even more exciting, "the other Tess" mother of beautiful "Tia" will be bred to Argus again.  Her owner just called last night to tell me that Tess was in season and she'd decided to repeat the breeding.  It will be chilled semen again, since that was quite satisfactory last time.  The possibility of another stud fee pup, so I may go from being "pup-less" to having a houseful.

Argus & I paid a visit to Mary-with-the-magic-fingers yesterday and he made a donation to our frozen semen "bank".  The storage fee is the same no matter how many "breeding units" are stored, so we decided to add to our stockpile.  Because my beloved Rob was sterile shortly after he turned 6 years of age (and still managed to sire 60 champions), I'm taking no chances with Argus.   Argus thoroughly enjoys the "procedure" and Mary always jokes that she will add him to the book she writes some day.  He does not need a bitch in season to tempt him - looking at some accommodating canine through he doorway is enough    Last time it was a neutered male Tibetan Terrier, this time it was a recently spayed Golden cross.  Oddly, he is not at all horny otherwise, just knows why he is at the clinic.  Saves a lot of time!

Argus's 12th Champion finished last weekend.  "Echo" also sports a CD in obedience, a NA in Rally, and a TD for completing her tracking title, definitely a multi-talented girl!  Congrats to owner-trainer-handler Carol Wells!

Received the following question on my blog, and it's a good one.  Out of time now, but this will be a great topic for tomorrow's blog.

Silly question for you. I was reading an earlier post about eye color and it brought a question to mind. Are green eyes acceptable in Dals? I have a liver pup and her eyes were bright blue two weeks ago when I brought her home but it appears as though they are now taking on a greenish tint. The standard says brown or blue eyes so if they turn green, will she be disqualified from showing? Thanks so much!

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