Thursday, December 30, 2010

Oh Damn, Ice Dams

Very weird weather today, temperature above freezing already. It's supposed to rain which will take down the snow level, but unfortunately it will make the ice dam problems worse.  A lot of people are doing to have roof leaks this winter, as the ice backs up under the shingles.  Haven't had a dam for 25 years, but this is a very unusual winter and anything is possible.  I put a lot of work into insulating my attic some years back, so this will put it to the test.  The companies that remove them (they steam your roof and gutters) charge close to $500.00 because of the cost of doing business - equipment, insurance and workers comp.  Hard to imagine anything much more dangerous than working on ice covered roofs.  Fingers crossed.   I have a $1,000.00 deductible on my home owners insurance, so hope to heck I don't have to make a claim.

Jess came over last night to play with pups and we took pictures of Patrick & Edward.  Poor Mariah was so jealous that the pups were getting all the attention.  She's used to being the baby around here and acted just like a small child with a new baby brother (or two).  Pups had a blast playing in the family room, and continue to be friendly and fearless.  Both got their first visit outside and had fun playing in the snow on the deck.  Hope to get them out again today, before the cold weather returns.

Jess agreed that we should hang on to Eddie, who looks quite handsome at this age.  We got some pretty good stacked shots of him and were surprised to find that he had a neck - the fat rolls make it less obvious when he is just mooching around here.  A friend has offered to take Eddie "for camp", so between that situation and/or perhaps sending him up to Canada for awhile, we should be able to hang onto him without everyone going crazy.  Two pups at a time in the winter is a bit more than I care to deal with!

Pups have their first vet visit today for a check up and their first vaccination.  Mariah will go along for her 3rd shot.   Hopefully Ron will come along to help!  Wish I could just take the day off - but at least tomorrow is a holiday.

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Kathleen M. said...

I wish I could have seen the guys today, although Mariah sure looked pretty the quick glimpse I caught of her. Things were a bit crazy as I'm sure you saw, but it made the day go by quickly! Stay safe this New Years!