Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Day To Goof Off

What's this?

Absolutely nothing that I have to do today, but lots of things to consider.  An uneventful New Years Eve with a nice meal (but not the best I have had) at Ristaurante Luci.  We did a 4-course dinner and had wine with each course, and our server was outstanding.  Friendly, knowledgeable and fun to joke with.  The soup was fabulous, the pasta was good, and the Ahi tuna was tasty.  My appetizer was supposed to be Shrimp Ceviche and I was anticipating chopped shrimp or small shrimp, seasoned with perhaps lime juice and chilis or something like that.  What I got was a whole shrimp/crayfish kind of thing with incredibly long antennae and some oily sauce.  I don't like getting food with eyes and antennae, unless it's lobster and is tasty enough to offset the "ick factor".  This was reminiscent of pulling the whole dangley squid out of a seafood stew.  Took me awhile to get over that, and go back to Carmelos!

We were home by 8:45 so I spent a pleasant hour on Facebook before finishing up one of the six books I was reading.   Actually finished two books yesterday, one on the IPOD Nano and one on the Nook Color.  Yay, now I can start another one, if I can remember how I downloaded the others onto the Nano.

Mariah is looking good at 4 months, very together and sound for her age.  She's really a terrific dog and both Ron & I like her a lot.  She's a good fit for my household.  Smart, but very biddable.  One of my projects for the weekend is working on freebaiting.  I taught her a sit right away, and she wants to sit for cookies rather than baiting and wagging.  A common problem at this age, but she tries really hard.  I've got a bag of tiny cat treats that make excellent bait.  Her new teeth appear to be coming in correctly, her coloring is deepening, her trim is widening and she's suddenly starting to add bone.  She was looking a bit slight for awhile, but is adding substance now.  Raw fed pups develop a bit differently than kibble fed pups, and tend to grow more slowly and evenly.

OK. time to go play with the little guys.  They are doing well, slimming down and looking good.  Great temperaments on both of them.  Today I'll take the Sherpa Bag down and introduce them, since Patrick will be flying home to Phoenix in it next week.

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Anonymous said...

Your little girl is looking nice!Growing up quickly!I realized the other day while reading your blog, that your dogs have unsual names.Almost human I would say.Very non-dog like.How do you pick out names for your Dals? Kara