Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dog Names

Dog Fort

Someone asked how I picked dog names.  They come to me in a variety of ways.  Watson was from a litter of three known as Peter, Paul & Mary.  He was Paul, not a name I wanted to keep.  When I was at PetSmart one day, there was an ad for a lost black & white cat named "Watson".  Good name!  Hope they eventually found Watson the cat.

Argus was named after a dog in mythology, a faithful dog who waited 20 years for his master to return from battle.  Not the Argus camera.  I first used it though when I did a litter that got camera names.  The only boy in that litter was called Argus, but his new owners changed his name to Mojo (ugh) so Argus was still available, and got used again when my Argie boy arrived from California.  Two of Mojo's littermates kept their camera names though.  Nikon went to Laurie, got registered as Paisley Shutterbug, and her kids Penny & Charlie are Paisley Photo Finish and Paisley Photo Op.  Appropriate when your parents are Argus & Nikon.  Leica went to Meg H and kept her name as well. 

More to write, but no more time.

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