Wednesday, January 5, 2011

We're Going!

Well, at least we have plane tickets.  Made reservations to fly to Westminster next month to attend Westminster.  Argus is entered, tickets are purchased for Madison Square Garden, airline tickets are purchased, and we have a hotel.  So far, so good.  Ginger & Mark are flying out a few days earlier, Laurie will arrive by train about the same time we arrive by plane, and we got great ticket prices.  It will cost a great deal more for Argus's round trip than for mine, and he doesn't get a seat.  On the other hand, he will have room to sit, stand, lay down and turn around in his 500# Vari Kennel, which is a lot more than I will have in my airline seat!

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Anonymous said...

Really wish we could come to watch and cheer you and Argus on but we will be in New Orleans for a work conference. It will interfere with part of our show weekend in Indy as well.