Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sitting Home

Ain't it the truth?  I just paid $56.00 to fill the tank on my mini van.  The price of gas will definitely affect my dog showing this year, not to mention my errand running.  It's only 7 miles to work, but because I come home at noon most days (aren't I lucky?) the work miles add up.  At least one trip to mom's once a week adds another 25 miles, and obedience classes add another 10, so even if I sit home most of the time I'm going to be driving at least 200 miles a week.  My 5 year old mini van gets reasonable mileage, but is certainly not fuel efficient.

There are plenty of local shows, but no Dalmatian competition around here - the only class dogs are ours, and I can't see paying $25.00+ entry fees to show our pups against one another.  Any show with even a few points will be at least 250 miles away, so we will think twice before sending in any entries.

My property tax notice came yesterday, and it won't belong before I am spending 10% of my GROSS income on property taxes and assessments.  That's not right!  Because we do not tax the wealthy at appropriate levels, and have cut the money that goes back to the cities & schools because of budget shortfalls, the cities raise our taxes to make ends meet.  Yes, I know that's a simplistic view of the universe, but that's how it affects me.

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