Monday, March 26, 2012

Who Stole Spring?

Spring is gone, winter is back, at least that's how it felt outdoors this morning in the cold rain.  Still above freezing, but just barely.  Temperatures will be "normal" today, but warming up again tomorrow.  The lawn is so green, and the perennials seem to have survived the lack of snow cover over the winter.

Argus & I went down to the river yesterday, exploring Crosby Park.  Had hoped to get some wildflower pictures as I figured that the Marsh Marigolds should be flowing soon (instead of in May, when I normally admire them).  They were just coming out, but as I took shots the battery on my camera died.  Drat, no extra batteries along.  Fortunately I had my phone with me, and got some nice iPhone pictures, including the Bloodroot pictured above.  Argus practiced Sit-stays while I took pictures.  He thought the stays were pretty boring compared to the excitement of the dead Muskrat we found along the river.

Pruned my To Do List down quite a lot over the weekend, although I never did get the porch cleaned or the porch windows washed.  That moves to the top of the list for next weekend.  Hahaha!  I did however get the yard raked and flowerbeds cleaned out, lots of small house chores completed, and yesterday evening I finished my taxes - thank you,Turbo Tax!  Coral got bathed too, so everyone got their "spring cleaning" last week.

Still trying to decide when/how to breed Pauli.  We've discussed and discarded dozens of dogs looking for Mr. Right, and have now come full circle and back to thinking about the dog I was originally going to breed her to.  It all depends on when she comes in season anyway.  Ideally she will wait until after the National in early May, but bitches are rarely that cooperative.  We'd like to show her in Top Twenty at the National, and have her in Stud Dog Class with Argus, but do not want to take her along if she's in season.  If she came in soon we could get her bred and she'd be out of season in time to go along with us, but don't suppose she will make this easy.

Still need to touch base again with the folks who have inquired about Lucy pups.  I haven't forgotten you! 

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