Friday, April 6, 2012

And Away We Go

Everything is just about ready for my departure. Car is loaded, suitcase just needs a few things added, crate rugs are ready to go out to the car, dogs just had their breakfast, and Argus is sitting beside me all ready to go. He always knows when I am preparing to go out of town because he's gone with me so many times. He'll be disappointed to find that Letty is going along instead. I will miss him a lot, but it would be a really dumb idea to take along a male when going to pick up an in season bitch and ferry her to her husband-to-be. She's Argie's daughter, but that won't make her any less interesting to him!

I find it hard to drive without a dog in the car to keep me company, and when I do I often find myself making comments to the dog who isn't there. Letty is good company, quiet in the car and a great rider, fun to walk and explore with, and a very good companion, but there is a special bond between Argie and me. All the dozens (hundreds?) of trips and thousands of miles we covered during his show ring career, all the motel rooms we've shared, all the people we've met, all the adventures we've shared . . .

Things appear to have fallen into place. Jeni will be waiting for me to pick up Pauli, Maryla is expecting us to spend the night, Becky is prepared to meet us tomorrow to get Pauli from me, and Angie will meet her at some halfway point to get Pauli and Louie from her. Just a week ago I got the news that Pauli was in season, and it seemed impossible that the pieces would all come together for this adventure. Hopefully they actually did, everything goes smoothly. Stay tuned!

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