Monday, April 9, 2012

Mission Accomplished

Pauli as a puppy

We did it!  Everything fell into place, the deed got done, I survived, and even made it home in time to spend Easter with my family.

The trip did not start off very well when I got caught up in brdige construction traffic in Minneapolis, and a long detour in Worthington.  I only have myself to blame as I KNEW (or should have known) there was construction in both places, because I purchased the Right Of Way for those ongoing projects.  Why did I not think to check that out first?  The detour near Worthington was a big time-waster, and I should have checked a map rather than following the detour signs.

I had "Sally Forth" my Garmin but she wasn't much help either as she went silent on me.  The screen still worked, but she refused to say anything.  A bit later she found her voice, but was not speaking English - it sounded like Dutch (or as I imagine that to sound) but more guttural.  When I finally figured out how to reset the languages I discovered she was speaking Afrikaans.  There are an amazing number of language options on a Garmin!

Sally did find Jeni's rural Iowa home, though I did have to guess what she was saying.  I figured out the "turn left" and "turn right" so we did OK navigating the curving roads and rolling hills.  Pauli was glad to see me, but she's such a happy thing she probably greets everyone the same way.  Jeni had bathed her, but apologised for the long nails as she said it takes two people to do them.  (Jess will get her whipped back in shape on nails!) 

The route I took, I29 to St. Joe, then across on 36 to I35 was all new to me, so I enjoyed the drive.  Everything was so green, the trees were all flowering, and it was a lovely trip.   Letty came along for the ride, so I stopped a few times to walk the girls and enjoy the gorgeous day.  Letty is normally very quiet, but once mouthy Pauli joined us they both felt a need to bark and guard the car when I stopped for gas.  Shut up, you two.  Pauli has a very deep voice and sounds fierce, but is just about as friendly a dog as you will ever find.  Her warning bark is all for show - thank goodness.

Because of a late start, construction and detours, Maryla met me just off I35 and we took a shortcut to her rural home.  Glad she had not given me directions for all those turns - I never would have made it!  Maryla has quite a menagerie, two Dals (my granddogs Red Hots and Phoenix, Coral & Watson kids respectively), a Peke puppy, a Himalayan cat, a pair of Peacocks, and a flock of hens.  I went home with 3 cartons of fresh and colorful eggs - thanks girls!

Maryla & caught up on each other's lives, went out to dinner at a noisy bar which made conversation a bit difficult (but the food and drinks were great), and then I spent the rest of the evening being entertained by her parrot Evita - what a hoot that bird is!  Although I would never want the responsibility of owning one, I absolutely adore parrots.  Evita has a large vocabulary and a wonderful personality, and I was sore from laughing so hard.

After fresh eggs for breakfast, I took off to meet up with Becky and Louie.  Everything fell in to place thanks to texting, and Becky and I connected right on schedule.  Pauli joined Louie in the car, and they all departed to meet Angie, while Letty and I left for home.  Pauli and Louie will be staying with Angie for the week, and she will manage the breeding.  Fingers crossed!  Letty and I had an uneventful trip home, but I was tired when I got there. 1044 miles on the road.  And next week I get to do it all over again, except that the trip will be more direct as Pauli is coming back with me.

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