Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fishy Weekend

The weekend started with a sizeable To Do List and I got a lot done, but the list was still pretty long by the end of the weekend.  Obviously, we need longer weekends! 

The weekend started well with a Friday evening trip to Tavern on Grand for Walleye and Martinis.  It’s never quite as crowded now as it used to be, but it’s still my favorite place for Walleye in one form or another.  Although I’ve heard their Steaks and Burgers are just fine, if I want to eat those I’ll go to a place known for Steaks or Burgers.  Tavern on Grand is known for its Walleye, and I was not disappointed.

Saturday was house cleaning and aquarium cleaning day, and a chance to try out the new Dirt Devil hard surface vacuum.  It did a very good job, and is lightweight and easy to use, as well as easy to empty.  Good purchase!  The new dehumidifier is working well in the fish room, and I still love the recently purchased washer, so it’s good to have a successful run on appliance purchases. 

Because the newly purchased Knight Gobies needed a larger tank, I posted my breeding group of Synodontis petricola to Minnesota Fishkeepers List and had an immediate hit.  The fish were sold and picked up within an hour!  I drained the 20 gallon tank, scrubbed it out, painted the back and sides (to give the Gobies a more secure feeling), washed gravel, added the décor, and refilled the tank that evening.  Because there was a cycled filter to put back in, I was able to add the Gobies the next day, and they are doing very well.  There appears to be two pairs of these handsome fish, so I am HOPING they will breed – not something this species commonly does in captivity however.

The plan for Sunday was Mall of America and a visit to the Underwater World.  I hadn’t been there since Laurie and I had such a good time last summer during my enforced lay off from work.  We did the Urban Thing, catching the bus and connecting The Hiawatha Line (light rail).  First time we’ve done that and it worked perfectly – fast, easy and affordable.   Lesson to self, do NOT visit MOA on a Holiday Weekend!  Lines were long and it was packed with kids, but we enjoyed the aquariums (especially the sea horses), although some of the displays were looking a little shopworn.  The Jellyfish especially, did not look as healthy as they could have, and the new Amazon display was a disappointment – not much to look at there.

Lunch at The Rainforest Café was terrific.  We were seated next to a large tank full of interesting fish, the same tank that Laurie and I sat next to last summer.  The Unicorn Fish are still there, and one obliged me by changing color/pattern whenever he thought I was paying attention to him.  Food was good too, the best Fish Tacos I’ve ever eaten – nope, I did not feel guilty eating Fish Tacos in front of their cousins!
A lot of yard work got done over the weekend, but every time I thought I was finished with my planting I ended up buying another batch of plants!  Now I am down to one pot and a small 2 x 2 flower bed to fill - then I have to be finished, because there will be no more space to fill. 
A picnic with my mother, new shades for the porch, and a Dog Park visit for Argus.  Weekends are definitely too short.
Tomorrow - puppies!

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