Thursday, May 31, 2012

What Could Be Cuter?

What could be cuter than a basket of puppies?  These are the Lucy pups who will be coming down for BAER (hearing) testing in just a bit over 3 weeks.  Can't wait to see them, but I know how hard it will be for Lucy's family to see their beautiful pups go to new homes. 

When the pups are here we will also take pictures and evaluate the litter to decide which pups may have show potential.  If the lone girl pup Jordyn is as nice in person as she is in pictures, it's likely that she will go back to Thunder Bay to live with her mother and become the family's next show dog.

Magic, Captain Rex & Christopher will eventually go to selected homes.  Captain Rex appears to have some show potential, so may stay with me, but we'll see how he looks when we evaluate him.  Beautiful Magic is tentatively promised, and we want to see how Christopher's trim looks in three weeks.  He still has too much pink on his nose to be a show dog, but the color is spreading quickly, so it's a wait and see with him.

If you are looking for a very handsome pet liver male, we may have one available for you.

It's going to be a busy weekend!  Two different batches of company, Letty "interviewing" for her new home, and Pauli coming to stay in preparation for her puppies that are due in two weeks.

I'm trying to get caught up on "fish chores" as I KNOW I won't have a lot of time for my fish once the pups are here.   Cleaned out and set up a large tank so I can move two groups of aggressive cichlids out of their small tanks and into a large tank - hopefully there will be enough space so they don't kill each other off!  This tank is a "40 gallon breeder" - hope it lives up to it's name.  Fish pictures tomorrow.

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