Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Mailing Lists

Years ago I wanted to subscribe to a trade journal called Pet Food Industry.  It was available only to "pet professionals" so I became Paisley Pet Treats, in name only.  I enjoyed the magazine for several years and learned a lot about ingredients, sourcing and marketing.  When I was forced to fill out a company profile, I must not have sounded enough like a CEO because they cancelled my subscription which was mildly annoying.  That was many years ago but the fallout continues.

Apparently PFI sold subscriber names to companies that compile mailing lists, and my name was added to a variety of lists, including hair and beauty salons.  We've had a lot of weird calls about our "businesses" over the years, get a variety of product catalogs, and are on on the mailing list of a company that distributes popular magazines for waiting rooms.

Once a letter addressed to Paisley Pet Treats ended up in the mailbox of my flaky neighbor, and the next time she decided to yell at me about something (anything) she told me that she was aware of the fact that I had an illegal business and she KNEW I was not paying taxes on it.  Wonder how she knew that?  Hahaha.

Yesterday I received a box of Tylenol samples addressed to my "professional building".  Anyone got a headache?

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