Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Major Project Completed!

One more major project complete, six week puppy pictures taken and posted as an album on my Facebook page.  If you are not on Facebook and you'd like the link, send me an email.

Packing up a litter of 7 6-week old pups and traveling an hour in very cold winter weather is a major project.  Pups traveled well with very little fussing and no car-sickness, although Melitta was a bit subdued at first so must have had a queasy stomach.  All pups were brave and bold and very friendly.  Could not have asked for better temperaments on an entire litter.  They explored the huge kitchen & dining room, met cousin Meribel and got played with my Jess & Don, Ron & me, and Don's son & daughter-in-law.

This weekend we have a vet visit for health checkups and the clinic is only about half an hour away, but on Saturday the pups have their BAER tests done and we'll drive an hour and a half to get there.  I already know the hearing status of everyone, so we'll just be confirming the results.  I actually begged off on puppy visitors tonight as it will be my only evening off this week.  My poor fish need some care too!

The photo session went well and I was particularly pleased with Sanka and Vittoria who have really blossomed in the past week, both looking better than I had anticipated.  By six weeks pups are pretty much "there" - what you see is what you get, and I'm very pleased with what I am seeing.  Jess agreed that we should keep Maxwell and Melitta for the time-being, as both are what we wanted from the litter (other than being the wrong color), and they remind us of some of our favorite dogs.  Maxwell is so much like Argus in so many way, and Melitta reminds us so much of Rob, and the type of pup that he so consistently produced.  Rob is a ways back on both sides of the pedigree, "the look" is definitely there.

Naturally the two pups definitely going as pets also looked extremely good and have exceptional structure.  Gevalia is a pet only because we can't show patches, and Folgers only because I do not have an appropriate show home for a black-spotted boy.  Folgers probably has the best overall spotting and construction in the litter.  He's is promised, and I'm checking through my list of people with reservations for girls for Gevalia.

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