Thursday, January 3, 2013

Health Checks & Puppy Buyers

We made it through another challenge!  Yesterday I took some time off work, loaded up the pups AGAIN, and off we went to the Vets for our "Well Puppy Checkups".  A pen was set up in one of the examining rooms, and the techs helped me carry in all 7 pups.  Each pup was weighed, had its temperature taken, and got a thorough physical.  Eyes, ears, hearts, bites, patellas, etc.  Dr. Valenti does very thorough checkups.  The pups were terrific, all of them brave, confident and friendly, although the ones sitting in the pen made some noise while waiting their turns.  "Pick ME up", they seemed to be saying.  The pups got their first vaccinations, and complimentary nail trimming too, which I appreciate as cutting all those little nails by myself takes a lot of time.

BAER testing this weekend.  It's going to be a very expensive week!

People can be so aggravating.  I had a large number of pet reservations and when the time came to decide where Gevalia (the incredibly cute patch) was going, the first few people on my list passed on her.  One wanted a non-patched pup, another had adopted a mutt, a third found a puppy closer to home (St. Louis), and the fourth decided to wait for a liver pup, as they really wanted liver and were in no hurry.  The next person was local, sounded very interested, and was going to get "right back to me" so we could set an interview.  Yeah, right.  After three days and several emails, I have not heard back from her.  If you don't want this puppy, have found something else, or the timing is wrong for you, at least have the courtesy to let me know.  So aggravating.  I've moved on now, deciding that someone like this is not someone I would sell to anyway.  If she's sick, or having computer problems, so be it.  I've probably told two dozen people that Gevalia was not available, but she still is.  Back to the list.

Many people say that the reason they rarely breed is because they hate dealing with puppy buyers.  I have to say that most of my experiences have been very good, and many of my buyers have become good friends, but it can be aggravating at times.  I'd much rather be annoyed now though, before I sell someone a puppy, than have to deal with issues later.

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