Monday, May 20, 2013

A Me Day

A day at home with no plans or projects.  A Me Day perhaps.  The last day of taking the medication for a presumed attack of Diverticulitis, and I will be very glad to be finished with it as it makes me nauseated.  Some days worse than others, and today is one of the worse days.  At least I think it's the medication that's doing it.  Hopefully it's not something else to deal with. The pain is gone, so it worked on that I guess, but I'm looking forward to feeling like myself again here soon.  Everything else checked out fine, so hopefully this is the end of it.  I'm rarely sick, and am not a good patient - not a patient patient.  I intend to take it easy today - whether or not it works out that way remains to be seen!

The good thing about this was finding a doctor I actually liked.  When my regular doctor retired, I tried another who I ended up actually disliking.  Kept thinking I needed to change, but since I rarely saw her, I never bothered.  When she left (I hope they fired her) I tried several others without much luck, and the ones I wanted were not accepting new patients.  When I tried out a new doctor this time, I actually liked her.  Young, funny, easy to talk to, and she was good at explaining health issues and the alternate ways of dealing with them, AND she was accepting new patients.  Good deal!  I'm very happy with my health care provider (Health Partners), really like my dentist, and now I may actually have a doctor I like too.  Hopefully I won't need to see her very often, and hopefully she'll stay at HP.

Suppose I could go back to bed, but that doesn't really help much.  Maybe I'll go into work at noon if I feel a little better.  Hate using up my sick leave, although I have a lot of it since I only use it for appointments.
The houseplants went outdoors yesterday.  Hopefully Mother Nature is done with the snow and cold and they will be safe.  I only keep a few plants now, and they are all HEAVY, so moving them in and out isn't easy.

Entries are in for Max's first show.  Now, IF I could only get him to stand still for an exam!


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Anonymous said...

I hope you are feeling better soon, being sick stinks. Are you going to the Chicago Specialty?