Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Reclaiming My Life

The Oldsters, Watson (13+) & Josie (10+)

Somehow I need to get caught up around here.  The cold weather that kept us home, the pups that kept us busy, and all the company we enjoyed so much have put a major roadblock in my preparations for Christmas.  The cards were finally ordered last night (I always send cards and do not resort to the on-line ones), and the tree I purchased last Sunday is sitting in water but has no decorations (yet).  I do very little Christmas baking, but this year I've done none at all, not even the Harvest Loaf Cake (a wonderful pumpkin bread) that I normally make this time of year.  No lights up on the porch, and minimal decorating indoors.  We're exchanging very few gifts as a family this year, and Ron & I purchased a new TV as our gift to one another.  Donations to Salvation Army, Great Harvest Food Bank, and Union Gospel Mission will take care of much of the rest of my "shopping".  It's not that I feel "Scroogey", it's just that I haven't had time for much else yet.

This noon the pups go in for their health check ups.  My Vet does very thorough exams, and the pups will get lots of handling from all the Vet Techs.  Tomorrow evening they get their BAER hearing tests, and on Friday night they get their last visitors.  Friday's visitors owned two of our dogs in the past and are on the waiting list for a pup from my next litter, but it has to be a boy.  They owned a lovely black spotted dog of ours that looked very much like Max, so I know they will really enjoy meeting him.

On Saturday Fulton and Schelly leave for their new homes.  Fulton will stay in the area and live with another liver Paisley boy.  Schelly will be leaving for Texas next week with Nena's owner who is relocating (Nena is the dam of the litter.)  That will leave me with Summit, at least for awhile.  Plenty of people who want her, I just have to decide who will eventually get this lovely puppy - and I'll have a chance to enjoy her for awhile longer.

Next week I will get ready for Christmas!

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