Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Winding Down

Love this little brown boy, and it was soooo tempting to keep him.   Max would certainly have enjoyed it as he's had a great time playing with the pups.  Such a sweet puppy this is!  Hope when I am ready for a puppy I have a top quality pup (hopefully a brown boy) with this type of personality!  We're making plans for Fulton to join his forever family, probably this weekend.  They are waiting to do their Christmas picture, so Fulton can be in it too!  Fulton will come back later for show training, and will join us on some dog show weekends next year if everything goes well. 

Fern is on her way out of season and will be rejoining the family this weekend.  We've missed her, but it's been a lot more peaceful without her as she keeps things stirred up (even when she's NOT in season).  Max will be delighted to have his best friend back.  He's enjoyed all the company we've had for the past month, and is doing a good job of being Official Greeter.  Watson has aged out of that position, but Max seems to be a worthy successor.  I'm so pleased with his temperament and personality, and hope the new pups bring their families as much joy as Max and his siblings have brought theirs.

Lots of plans for spring including dog shows, as I want to finish Max and Ferns' AKC Championships.  Both are UKC Champions and have the two majors required for their AKC titles, so it's a case of picking up the additional points they need.  Weather permitting, our dog show trips will include Indianapolis and St. Louis where the entries are generally good for the Specialty weekends.  When Max finishes, he goes back to obedience as I want to show him in Rally and Obedience.  Fern will start her Lure Coursing career at the coursing events next year.

Assuming Amery passes her health testing, a litter is planned from her next year too - and maybe there will be a puppy for me in her litter.  Jess will be breeding Amery's sister Gemma (last year's DCA BoW) too, so I'll have a couple of litters to pick from.  If you're waiting for a Paisley puppy too, I hope we'll have one for you next year!

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