Friday, August 27, 2010

Here We Go Again

Another dog show weekend and I have not even recovered from the last one. Half day of work today, then home to get ready for the Specialty later this afternoon. Two all breed shows this weekend - at least with the early judging, if we lose I can come home and still have the rest of the day to get something done. The cool weather this week has been lovely, but the heat is coming back today. Ugh. What we really need is rain.

Goal for this weekend is to finish Charlie, who only needs 4 points, but there are only 6 points available, and he has to win on Saturday for it to work. I faxed entries for Des Moines so we would have some back up shows, although they will no doubt have small entries too.

The picture is New Champion Penny, the day she finished with such a terrific record. She was Argie's 9th Champion and hopefully Charlie will be his 10th, although Argus has two daughters who each have 13 points and could finish before Charlie does.

Laurie cooked dinner last night, three vegan dishes. I particularly liked the ones with sweet potatoes and collard greens. Excellent. Can't wait to try the eggplant and lentil dishes when I purchase the cookbook that she used.

Gotta pick up Charlie at 7:45 so I'm off.

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