Saturday, August 28, 2010

Too Early!

Ugh. My day is starting too early, but judging is at 8:00AM and I have to pick up Charlie on my way to the show. Hopefully he will behave better than he did yesterday, but I am more concerned that he has re-injured the leg he hurt as a pup. Have a feeling that he may be sitting out for awhile. Fingers crossed. Hope an aspirin last night helped. Not lame, but definitely not moving like he did the previous week.

Penny did well at the Specialty, going Best Of Opposite in an entry of 11 Specials, 5 dogs and 6 bitches. Gives her another major towards her Grand Championship too. Argus & Pauli both showed well, but it wasn't Argy's day. Funny that he can win the big Specialties including the National, but this dumpy little Specialty evades him! I took Argus back in for Stud Dog Class with Penny and Pauli, his two gorgeous liver daughters. First time I have had a chance to use the two of them together. Should probably have gotten a picture. Just hope Penny's BoS picture was good as I have not been totally pleased with any of her show pictures.

Today is Laurie's last day - I drive her to the airport early (VERY early) tomorrow morning. We've sure had fun, but I need to get back to healthy eating - we've enjoyed too many delicious but less than healthy meals. Time for one last fling this evening!

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