Saturday, August 28, 2010

Just Blowing Off Steam

Does no one read the standard? Certainly quite a few judges seem to have forgotten,
"The neck is nicely arched, fairly long, free from throatiness, and blends smoothly into the shoulders. The back is level and strong." Is that so hard? Where does it say that Dalmatians have a right angle neckset and a ski slope topline? Why do we have so many of them? They are not part of the correct Dalmatian outline. Another thing I wonder is whether or not they understand what this means - "The hindquarters are powerful, having smooth, yet well defined muscles. The stifle is well bent. The hocks are well let down." Do they KNOW that Dalmatians are supposed to have short hocks (actually short rear pasterns)? The distance from the point of the hock to the foot should be short, because this is a trotting breed, not a sprinter.

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