Thursday, January 12, 2012

Falling Apart

Honest to gosh, there are some days when I feel as if I am falling apart!  Aging sucks, although I suppose that it beats the only actual alternative!  This morning I start with an eye pressure check with Dr. Blatt who I see almost as often as I see my mother!  My borderline glaucoma decided it was no longer under control, and no longer responds to the drops I have been using for years.  He's testing me with different drops to figure out the best alternative.  My extreme nearsightedness was resolved when I got corrective lens implants after cataract surgery, but the perfect vision I had then isn't quite as good anymore.  The AMD has also been "under control" for a long time, but that could change tomorrow.  Pigment Dispersion Syndrome adds to the fuzzy vision as well.  Am lucky to have a good health plan and an excellent specialist.

This afternoon I get a new perm for my thinning hair.  Thinning hair runs in my mother's side of the family - thanks, Mom!

Tomorrow I get fitted with a hearing aid in my left ear.  Unfortunately, that ear has two different kinds of deafness, and the nerve deafness can not be corrected with a hearing aid.  So my hearing will be slightly better in that ear, but probably not enough better to keep me from saying, "What?" so often.

And then I need to decide if I will drive the dogs out to Jess's for baths this weekend.  In the summer I can bathe them on the grooming table outdoors, but in the winter they have to stand over the floor drain in the basement and my back does NOT like that, and limits me to one dog bath per day. 

Although I've always taken good care of myself, watching my weight, getting plenty of exercise and eating sensibly (most of the time), there are some things that are beyond my control.  I'm fortunate that the only prescription drug I use is eye drops, and that my ankle break healed uneventfully, but there are some mornings when I feel particularly creaky.  Maybe another cup of coffee and a couple of Ibuprofen will do the trick!  And perhaps a visit to the Sports Med Doc for some exercise tips.  Am sure I can do better.

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