Friday, January 13, 2012

No More Phone Envy

Eewww, spent too much money yesterday.  A perm and cut are NOT inexpensive, but if done well are so very much worth it.  After years of budget perms and cuts I've been going to Denise for a year and am so satisfied with her work.  She's very careful and thorough and loves to cut hair.  Watching her work is like watching an artist, and she can do things with my hair that I never thought possible.  I'll be pretty curly for the first week until the perm relaxes a bit, but with a good cut too I can wear it that way with little extra work on my part.  After sleeping on rollers for 30 and using my curling brush for 20 years, it's nice to have some time off.  Especially when it looks so good.

Last night I finally ordered my iPhone!  After suffering Phone Envy for many years I am finally getting a smart phone, but am sure it will be smarter than I am, at least for awhile.   Gotta remember to read the instructions, but I suppose they are on-line rather than included in the shipping box.  Ah, remember the days of getting a manual with all electronics?  I wonder if anything comes with instructions now, or if Quick Start Guides are the norm?  What do people do that don't have computers?  

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