Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Responsibility Of Dog Ownership

And that, my friends, says it all.

Although genetics is an important part of temperament, how dogs are raised can make such an enormous difference.  Owning a dog is a serious responsibility.  Even small dogs can do damage if they apply their teeth to inappropriate things - such as faces and fingers.

Dogs and puppies should NOT be added to the household unless you have the time and motivation to raise them properly.  Firmness, consistency, exercise, and training are absolutely essential.  Even the small things make a difference.

Although Eddie is a wonderful dog, inherited a terrific disposition, and is very well socialized, he is going home with a list of training suggestions.  Putting the time into training a young dog can make such a difference and make him so much easier to live with.  Little things like waiting at the door, sitting to have the leash put on, waiting in a crate until told it's OK to come out.  Sits and waits make dog ownership so much easier, and they remind the dog to pay attention.  The little things all add up! 

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Helen said...

Hear, hear! Add to the list sitting quietly while feeding bowls are filled and not eating until being told it's okay. Good manners are as important for dogs as they are for people.