Thursday, January 31, 2013

Enjoying My Puppy

Such fun to have a new puppy!  Whether it's one I bred or one I bought, each new pup is such a treat.  So much fun to watch their antics as they explore their world!

Max is doing great, understands the concept of housetraining and has only had one accident since he came back from Jess's and that was my fault.  I was thinking, "Time to get Max out again" but put it off for a few minutes, and by the time I checked on him he had just finished peeing.  Pups have accidents at this age, but as long as they understand why they are going outdoors, and cooperate most of the time, all is well.

He's very good in a crate too, rarely fusses at all. Even goes back into his crate to play with a toy (and to keep Fernly from stealing it) although his preference is Watson's crate which is next to a radiator.

We've done a bit of leash walking, started puppy sits and worked on name recognition.  Tonight we start Puppy Classes, where we'll be working on the basic commands, but primarily do the class for socialization.  Wish it was not so cold for our first night, but we'll tough it out, and should have a great time.

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