Tuesday, January 29, 2013

More Changes Coming

Max and Melitta enjoyed cuddling with Ron on the sofa last night.  This was probably their last night together as Melitta will be flying off to Texas to stay with her other Grandma Jana.  This had not been in the immediate plans, but we decided yesterday that it would be best for everyone.  It's so hard to do a good job with two pups, especially in the winter, plus Fern is still really just a puppy herself.  There just isn't enough time (and energy) in my life to do a really good job with three puppies, and Grandma Jana was craving a puppy fix.

So, the weather forecast was good for today, I was able to get Melitta in for a health certificate yesterday, and made a Delta Dash reservation.  Jana was free today to pick Mel up at the airport today too, so it was meant to be.  Mother Nature and Delta Dash willing, Melitta will be a Texan shortly after 3:00 PM today.