Friday, February 1, 2013

Not All Good Dogs Are Dalmatians

Those of us who share our lives with a specific breed that we enjoy and admire often forget that although our breed is special to us, there are wonderful dogs in every breed.  We can also be judgmental about certain breeds based on our personal experiences with that breed.  Although German Shepherd Dogs have long been one of the most popular breeds in the world, my own negative opinion of the breed was based on the dogs I had met, dogs who were generally freaky, flaky, and out of control.  Poorly bred and/or poorly raised dogs who were not typical of the breed.  When my daughter Jessica connected with Don, Simmie the GSD was part of the deal.  She was a wonderful dog in every way.  But let Jess tell the story . . .

Are we ready to do this again? I don't think you are ever "ready" to do it... 
After a week of deterioration and now not being able to walk at all, Simmie has told us it is time for her to cross the Rainbow Bridge to be with her best friend Pepper.
She has fallen several times this week and now this morning, is unable to get up at all. She has also lost her appetite - she'll eat, but not with the same gusto and even turned her nose up at a pizza biscuit. Don says it is time and so does Simmie.
Simmie is an extremely special dog and has taught many people in this world that GSDs can be a wonderful breed. Great with dogs, she has taught more then one spotty appropriate dog manners.

Nothing she loves more then kids. She loved camping because kids were in abundance and everyone got a kiss.

And her prized possession - her ball! Everyone who had a working arm had to throw the ball.

Age has taken its toll. Her rear no longer works, her eyes no longer sparkle and her love for her ball is no longer there... It is time. We won't let her suffer.

I almost broke down when Meribel went out to get her out of bed and Simmie couldn't get up. Meribel looked at her and started her soft little squeak. She knew something wasn't right.

So a month and a half after saying good bye to Coral, our dog family gets to do this again.

Hug your dogs today as the Rainbow Bridge welcomes the Queen - a 13 year old, very wise and wonderful dog - Simmie.

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Anonymous said...

OMG! I am so sorry! I did hug my dogs and cried for all of you.