Tuesday, September 27, 2011


My new computer did not arrive yesterday. . .  I'm so disappointed, but Eric is sick, and everything is on hold.  Hopefully this one holds up just a bit longer, but it's getting increasingly hard to boot up in the morning.  It's normally left on most of the time, but has taken to shutting itself down at night.

Like most people these days, my pictures are on my computer and never get printed, but what a treasure trove!  I've been looking through the ones that were on my previous computer that crashed.  I had them switched over to this computer by the Geek Squad, but have not gone through them in years.  Forgot all about some of them - like this tattooed fellow!

The pictures also include quite a few long coated, odd colored and interestingly patched dogs, pictures sent to me by people who know my interest in such things or found the color pages on my website.  I'll start using them in my blogs.

This handsome fellow is a real tri-colored Dalmatian.  A tri is not black and liver spots on the same dog, but rather  black & tan or liver & tan spots in the same areas they would show up on a black & tan non-spotted breed like a Doberman.  Note the tan spots on his cheeks and lower legs.  This is not common in Dalmatians, and is not an accepted color, but well marked tris are very handsome dogs!

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Susan W said...

LOL with the tattoo guy! The one on his right shoulder looks alarmingly like Sophie :b) BTW, my rescue dal Apollo is a trindle--very cool. Also wanted to say that John and Cassie often come visit me at the Petco in Palm Bay, FL. She's gorgeous! It's nice to still have a Paisley connection so far away. I miss being able to socialize puppies, though!