Monday, September 26, 2011

Is It Monday Already?

What a fun weekend, and lovely fall weather too.  This is the best time of the year with cool nights and brisk sunny days.  Wish it could last forever, but will settle for a couple of months before winter attacks.

Laurie arrived on Saturday to spend the weekend, just as Jess arrived with the Cruise/Penny pups on their way back from BAER testing.  We got some lovely pictures of the pups, especially Amery who will go home with Laurie and come back in the spring to be shown if she is ready then.  Really like the boy Ellsworth too, who will be a fine mover and has a particularly appealing personality. 

Letty went home with Jess for an overnight, so she could meet the German Shepherd girls Simmie and Pepper who are very good with puppies.  Being the snooty sort she was NOT impressed with being thrown in with her little nieces and nephews.  She met Jess's puppy visitors, was thrilled to see Don again (what a memory she has for friends), and spent some time in the indoor/outdoor run.  Meeting the Shepherds and Penny was very good for her.  We call it Puppy Camping, and need to make arrangement for her to stay with friends in the near future.  Camping makes a dog more adaptable and self confident, and makes it easier for them to accept any future changes.

Dinner with mom on Saturday at her favorite Olive Garden.  We went early and didn't have to wait quite as long as we usually do.  Nice meal and lots of laughs, and a particularly good drink called an Italian Margarita - highly recommended!

Laurie and I took Argus to the Dog Park on Sunday morning and he had such a good time with his friends.  Totally blew us off though, other than checking in from time to time.  Think we need to work on our recalls!  Am so glad I found this place, and have thoroughly enjoyed watching the dogs interact.  Lots of sporting breeds yesterday, so lots of hard running which pleases Argus.  Breakfast at White Castle on the way home.

Later we went to visit Jess & Don, enjoy the dogs, and retrieve Letty, but also to collect on my Mother's Day Gift.  Wine tasting and excellent appetizers at a nice little restaurant in St. Croix Falls.  Again, lots of laughter and a good time had by all.  The leaves were just beginning to color - it's going to be gorgeous in another week or two.  "They" say we will have excellent fall color.

Such a fun weekend!  Thanks Ron, Laurie, Jess & Don, mom and assorted dogs.  I had a great time. 

Weekends are too short, but really looking forward to my new computer arriving tonight.  I spent some time going through all the old photos and documents on my computer and found some great stuff for this blog.  Stay tuned!

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