Friday, September 30, 2011


Why does it take so long for me to prepare to leave town for two days?  Lack of practice?  For three years I was often gone for 2 - 3 weekends a month.  After sitting home since May it seems to require an amazing amount of effort to prepare for a quick trip to Ohio.  And I'm flying, taking no dogs.  Guess I am out of practice.  Hopefully I will have less trouble getting ready for 3 days in Kansas City next month!

I always make a list for Ron, what to feed the dogs, supplements if any, and what needs to be done with the fish.  The fish will all be fine for a couple of days as there are no new babies right now, BUT the Marmorkrebs will need feeding, especially the hundreds of new babies.

Marmorkrebs are self-cloning crayfish, not a natural species apparently, but something that turned up in the pet trade in Germany.  Lots of unanswered questions about their heritage, but they're here to stay.  I had received 6 youngsters when I purchased fish last summer, but had no idea they were old enough to produce offspring until I discovered some in a tank - tiny miniature crayfish.  Once I started looking I discovered that one of the other females (they are all females) had hundreds of tiny babies attached to her abdomen.  Oh my!  So algae wafers will need to be dispensed to the 5 tanks that have crayfish inhabitants.

Had to remember to charge everything, including cell phone, camera battery, Nook reader, and iPOD.  How did I survive without them?  Computer, iTunes and iPOD were not communicating last night so I could not download a book I purchased for the trip.  I'll solve that issue next week, I guess.  Technology can drive you nuts!

Laundry done, things ready to pack, but decided that I need a new carry on as mine might not measure in - as happened to Jess coming back from Westminster.  The size is correct but the wheels make it too long.  Drat.  Let's see, I can pick one up on my way home from work.  Assuming I remember.  Add it to the list.  Because I am used to having a mini van and quite a bit of room, I have trouble packing a small suitcase.  Now I can learn to pack an even smaller one.

See ya.  I promise to take pictures of Nati's pups, Argus's grandpups.

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