Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Rare Golden Dalmatians?

Still no computer and no word from my nephew.  Would be nice if he'd let me know what's happening here.  Guess I should have stuck to my original plan and bought my computer at Best Buy.  Oh well, this one is still clunking along.  Hopefully it holds out a bit longer.

Off to Ohio this weekend, a quick down and back to visit "Nati" and her pups.  Really looking forward to seeing them, and spending a bit of time with Ann & Dave.  Anyone still looking for a puppy?  Nati has 9 of them and I understand a couple may still be available.  Let me know what you're looking for and I'll keep you in mind when I evaluate the babies.  Two black parents, but lots of livers and a few blacks.

Speaking of color, here's an interesting one.  I have a number of pictures of Bailey on my computer.  She's a liver-nosed lemon - nope that's not light liver spotting, that's lemon.  Or perhaps it's orange, but we normally refer to all of these dogs as lemons, with either black or liver noses.  Some lemons are a rich deep shade of orange, sort of a pumpkin color, while others are so pale you can barely see their spots.   Bailey has interesting two-tone spots with a darker edge and a lighter center.  Very unusual.

Lemons are much more common than tris and long-coats, but most show lines do not produce them.  An English dog who produced lemons came to the US about 30 years ago and lemons were more common in show lines for awhile, and we saw quite a few of them during the popularity boom in the 80s as some of the commercial breeders were coming up with them.   Again, this is not an exceptable color for the show ring, but some people really like them.  There's a simple cheek swab DNA test available that can be used to see if a dog carries the genes that produce lemon.

Years ago we saw an ad in the classifieds for "Rare Golden Dalmatians".  Now that's marketing!

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